I have a piece of paper that says I completed a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Tuskegee University, but I don't use that much. Traveling and teaching has become my life since finishing undergrad. Slow traveling the world and experiencing other cultures is what I live for. I've worked in four countries on four continents and I’m not done yet. I live life by the seat of my pants and follow opportunities. It hasn't failed me yet & I'm enjoying every second of it. 


Turin, iTALY

 My first experience living and teaching abroad was through a volunteer program in Turin, Italy. I left home to live with an Italian family (who became the highlight of my experience) and teach conversation skills to high school students. I paid for the program and my flight to Italy. Volunteering first was definitely the right choice. I learned about classroom management, lesson planning, and countless other tools for teaching without having the weight and pressure of being a full-time teacher. Three months was just enough time to fall in love with teaching abroad and life as an expat. My time in Italy changed my life and led me on my new career path.



After teaching in Italy for three months I came back home and was ready to do it all again. I got accepted into a volunteer program in Senegal and I was in Dakar not even 6 months after coming back from Italy. While in Dakar I worked as a head English teacher working with high school students. This experience was much different than my previous position. I lived on campus with my students and went to a host family two weekends a month. Living on campus was definitely a unique experience that resulted in real bonds being made with my kids and being able to teach in and outside of the classroom. Living in Senegal and being back in Africa was an unmatched lifestyle. Experiencing the Motherland was indescribable and, mark my words, I will be back.

And thEN:

gunsan, south korea

After spending a year volunteering in both Europe and Africa I decided to get a job that actually paid money. I applied and interviewed for positions all over the world and ended up in South Korea. Here, I worked full time at an English Academy in Gunsan. During my year I was able to explore South Korea and grow as a teacher. South Korea is known for being technologically advanced, a foodie destination, and one of the best places to teach English because of the competitive pay and benefits. Going to Korea in the middle of a pandemic was one of the best decisions I've made. It was no secret that the States had become a shit show with the virus and I avoided all of that out in East Asia. Living there was definitely a rollercoaster between work, Rona and being on my own for the first time ever.  

Currently: HAITI

Currently joyriding in the Caribbean.