6 Weeks Since Moving to South Korea

Check on your "Catching flights not feelings" people... We're not okay.

My first couple weeks in Korea may not have been exactly what I thought it would be, but I’m living every day to the fullest. Social distancing and wearing a mask have become the norm for me.

If the world wasn’t in shambles I know for a fact I would have some trips planned. Seoul, Japan, China, Thailand... YOU NAME IT. I just knew I was about to fill my passport. Miss Rona said, "You thought."

I may not be traveling the way I thought I would, but I’m getting to know my new city. I’ve been able to explore around my neighborhood, sightsee downtown, find local spots to eat, and aimlessly wander the streets with no destination in mind. I've become a regular at a local restaurant around the corner from my house and I’m starting to pick up a little bit of Korean.

My plans are being postponed, but I’m finding the bright side in my situation. I may not be in Okinawa as soon as I had wanted, but you can catch me dancing down the sidewalks of Gunsan with a smile on my face.

• I'm joyriding in my own city these days 🤪

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