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Digital Nomad in Hawaii

Digital Nomad in Hawaii

"The Pandemic led me to Hawaii." Let me just speak that into existence because that sentence is a flex in itself. Teaching English online has always been in the back of my mind & 2021 is looking real WFHish so why not?


Hawaii is launching it's digital nomad program and you already know I'm applying. I am a huge advocate for taking long shots and even applying for things you don't necessarily fully qualify for. The worse they can say is no 🤷🏾‍♀️


The Movers and Shakas Program in Hawaii has a lot of benefits like:

🌴 Roundtrip airfare

🌴 Discounted lodging

🌴 Remote worker resources

🌴 A community of digital nomads

🌴 An opportunity to live in a literal paradise


The qualifications are really simple to:

🌊 18 years old

🌊 Can work remotely

🌊 Can live in Hawaii for at least 30 consecutive days

🌊 Willing to donate time to volunteer while living in Hawaii

🌊 Want that Aloha Lifestyle


I qualify, but even if I didn't I'd be applying because you never know. We pulling up to Hawaii orrrrr 👀👀👀

• Link to more information on the Movers & Shakas Program:


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@Naja No problem! Now you can be the plug 🔌



Thank you for sharing this; you are really the plug. I am sending this to all my friends!

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