Dreadlocks in South Korea

How I found someone in South Korea to do my hair...

I looked in the mirror.

I didn't come to South Korea with high hopes of finding a black hair salon in 군산시. I didn't even come with the hopes of finding black hair products. So I brought my own.

Before leaving home I got a versatile style that would last me a while. Doing my own hair is not something I look forward to. If there's one thing I'll drop 80 beans on it's this scalp.

After being in Korea for about 3 months it was time. My new growth was turning into a mini fro and it was getting hot so sweat... I couldn't put it off any longer even though I wanted to so one Saturday morning I began the process.

It took me a day to wash and retwist. Yes, I took many multi-hour breaks. My neck almost broke from the weight of my wet hair tryna wash it in the shower. The next day I styled it into the bob you see. Who told me to try a new style on my own??? I'm considering retwisting and styling an arm workout.

Living abroad sometimes means having to be extra resourceful and finding ways to do things yourself. From making some of your favorite foods to getting your hair done. There may not be a place to get what you want so you can either do it yourself or go without. In this case, I chose the former.

Not having to do my hair everyday or every week is a blessing, but still... Doing my own hair? Overrateddddd. All jokes aside, I DID THAT. Just know I will be calling my hairstylist the minute I get back in the States.


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