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Getting a Covid Test in the States

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Getting a Covid Test in the States

Going home to the States meant getting a Covid test and leaving for Haiti meant the same thing. Only this time the process was different.

When leaving Korea I was able to walk up to the medical center and get tested, but that wasn't the case in the States. I had to schedule an appointment online, fill in all my information, and, of course, put that insurance in. I don't even wanna know how much it would cost if I wasn't on my parents insurance 🙃

In Korea, I walked up to the testing area, but in the States it was a drive through situation. I stayed in the car the entire time and the process was actually super smooth. Not having to deal with the language barrier made it 10 times easier. I gave my name and appointment time, showed my ID and was sent on my way.

A woman in a complete hazmat suit walked up to the window and handed me a tissue to blow my nose (didn't have to do that in Korea). I blew my nose and turned back to the woman. She told me to return my mask above my mouth, but leave my nose exposed. She swabbed both of my nostrils with a Q-Tip which was different than the one nostril and inner cheeks in Korea. Once again, I felt nothing.

I will say I felt like I needed to sneeze afterwards in the States. There wasn't any discomfort during the test like in Korea though. I've now had a total of two covid tests and I don't think that's going to be the end. Travel is going to have a new normal when the dust settles.

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