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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Everybody and their mama in the house right now on the Internet. What are you doing? Mindlessly scrolling on social media? Probably… Netflix and chilling? Must be nice... My real question is are you doing something that is going to benefit you once all of this is over?

So, since you’re already online… Why not take a quick class that could help you move abroad once Miss Rona is dead & gone. A TEFL certification allows you to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Getting a TEFL certificate is probably the easiest thing I’ve done besides becoming a certified babysitter when I was 13. A quick 120-hour class gave me the ticket to travel around the world.

After being in the house for God knows how long you’re going to want a change in scenery… Why not make it (semi) permanent? With a TEFL and a bachelors degree you are a hot commodity. Schools and organizations all around the world are looking for native English teachers. Whether you’re looking for a gap year, sabbatical, or a lifestyle change teaching abroad can be the answer.

When I got my TEFL certificate it took me about six weeks to complete. That’s probably longer than the average person because I was also working a part time job & traveling. It cost a little over $100, but I know people that have paid less. People have even told me that they used Groupon to purchase their course. I wasn’t hip at the time... 🙃

With my company, I was able to work at my own pace, have a tutor readily available that responded within 24 hours, and I got to keep all of my course materials. It was definitely worth it for me, especially because I’m making this my career & not just a gap year. This joyride is never ending!

If you're interested in getting a TEFL you can go through ITTT like I did. Once you finish the course, you'll get a physical copy of your certification and a PDF version emailed to you. You also will have access to numerous resources to help you find a job and connect to other teachers around the world! What are you waiting for???

Link to ITTT:

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