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*Not* Working as an Engineer in the States

*Not* Working as an Engineer in the States

My story is really different, but each step got me to where I am now. For the record: nobody forced me to study engineering. There was encouragement because I come from engineers, but at the end of the day, I wanted to be an engineer. Or so I thought...

I decided to study mechanical engineering because I was always trying to figure out how things worked while being the most efficient and effective. That's an engineer so I pursued it and I regret NOTHING.

On top of that engineers make BREAD. When you think about professions that make money what three occupations come to mind? Doctors, lawyers and engineers 🤑 There was only one problem...

After doing internships, taking tests, doing research, and everything else I realized something. This shit ain’t for me. I secured a job as a backup plan, but I was looking for any way to go abroad and stay there. And as you can see... that’s what I did.

In all fairness, I did try to see if an engineering job would let me work abroad, but I kept getting the same answers. “Maybe after a few years with the company,” they said. “I can’t promise anything, but it could be possible,” they said. All wrong answers. Thanks, but no thanks.

Once I was shown the possibilities of teaching English abroad I never looked back. I didn’t want to wait until I was 35 or 40 to retire “early” and then start the life I already knew I wanted. Maybe it’s the Millennial/GenZ in me, but I want what I want and I want it NOW. So, I made it happen.

To answer your questions... Yes, I went to college for a degree I'm not using. Yes, I turned down a full time position making BANK. Yes, I'm living my best fucking life. No, I don't regret anything. And yes, you can do it too.


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