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The Power of Coworkers

The Power of Coworkers

Coworkers really have the power to make a shitty workplace survivable. Don't ask me how I know 🌚

When I say I've experienced some WILD work environments I'm not exaggerating. I couldn't make the shit up if I wanted to, but it's always the crazy workplaces where I've built the strongest relationships with my coworkers. Bonded in trauma 🤞🏾

Having people to bounce ideas off of & understand exactly what's going on is hard to replicate. Being able to grab a drink after work & talk about the woes of the day is, in my opinion, a form of therapy. It's way cheaper than getting a shrink & I always leave with a full stomach.

As a newbie in this adult world my coworkers also teach me A LOT. They give me advice, feed me, and help me navigate adulthood & life abroad. So many of my coworkers have become so much more than that & I'm forever grateful for them.

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