Tips for Finding a Job Teaching Abroad

Updated: Jun 10

How to find a job teaching abroad.

Going to a foreign country to work in a city you've never been to before for a boss you've only spoken to online or on the phone can sound crazy... and it is. The challenge is to do it anyway.

I kind of have a thing for making decisions sight unseen. I decided to go to Tuskegee University without visiting the school & I regret NOTHING. These days the internet has the ability to be a gold mine for literally everything and that includes getting a job. Here's a few companies and sites you can use to help look for teaching positions abroad... FOR FREE!

1. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave’s ESL Cafe is a hub for teachers looking for jobs online and in various countries around the world. Whether you want to go to Asia, Europe, or South America, Dave’s got it all. You can browse the International Job Board for HOURS. Literally. There are opportunities posted for positions all around the world. Through Dave's ESL Cafe, I got interviews with schools in South Korea, Indonesia, the Maldives and more! Upload your resume to have schools find you 😉


2. Teaching Nomad

Teaching Nomad is a reliable recruitment agency looking to place teachers in the Middle East and Asia. They have a one on one interview process to better understand what each individual teacher is looking for. They also have a questionnaire to get a more in depth picture of the teacher and the most ideal positions to look for. Teaching Nomad is thorough and makes sure they know their teachers prior to placements!


3. Serious Teachers

Serious Teachers makes sure to give you all the information before you even waste your time applying to a job you don't really want. Once you sign up and describe what you’re looking for Serious Teachers emails different job posting they think you’d be interested in. They also make it easy to apply by already having your resume, degree and certifications uploaded to the application.


Serious Teachers is probably my favorite of the three because they bring the opportunities to you. I spent a half an hour uploading my documents and putting my preferences and then they did the rest. I received postings left and right. A day didn't go by without a posting from Serious Teachers, but they never flooded my emails. When I start looking for a new home I'll definitely be using Serious Teachers again!

Are you interested in going abroad to teach or already doing it? Comment below or send me a message!





















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