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Why I Decided to be a Digital Nomad

Updated: May 24, 2023

Why I Decided to be a Digital Nomad

I loved being an international teacher, but there were some things that just weren’t sitting right with me.

Damn near everyone has tasted the sweet life of working from home so you already know. I love being able to decide where I’m going to work whether it’s in the bed, at a sushi restaurant, on the toilette or at the beach (manifesting that one 🤞🏾). There were a lot of reasons why I decided to make the transition into becoming a full time digital nomad and here are three of them:


A month after going completely remote I moved to Mexico and it barely impacted what I do for a living aside from me having to calculate time zones . I am taking complete advantage of my newfound mobility. There's no office I have to report to or classroom I have to sit in even when I've finished all my work. I can wander this planet as freely as I please while still collecting a check. I mean wow 😮‍💨

Jash smiling in México City, México
First stop as digital nomad: México City, México

Being location independent has been a goal for years and after teaching abroad for 3 years I finally decided to step out of the classroom. My time as an international teacher literally took me all around the world from Italy to Senegal to South Korea to Haiti. I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world and teaching abroad showed me that the lifestyle I dreamed of was possible. And now look at me. Living it and loving it.

There is a certain feeling of freedom that comes along with being location independent that is hard to describe. I have so much flexibility over where and how I work in this new

professional environment. As someone that values travel and life abroad, this style of work is perfect for me. I don't have to worry about letting people know when I'm going to be traveling or coming to a meeting from a new location. Nobody cares... respectfully 😂

Working for organizations that are completely remote makes it even better because everybody is on the same page. You can quite literally have coworkers all over the world and it's encouraged. I've been in meetings with people checking in from multiple continents... literally.

Location independence is really a top tier perk that comes with remote work and I love it here!


Being in control of my time is just an unmatched feeling. Nobody tells me what time I have to wake up or when I can clock out. There are no more alarms shaking me out of my sleep at six in the morning. I can start my day at 7 or 9 or noon or 2 and it’s not a problem. I get shit done so there’s never any complaints. That’s the way it should be for any job to be completely honest 💁🏾‍♀️

Aside from scheduled meetings, I'm in control of my work schedule. Sometimes I have a bunch of energy in the morning and other times a burst of creativity will hit me at 10pm. It's completely up to me and nobody is micromanaging my hours. I mean how many of us have been just sitting at our desk waiting for the clock to strike a certain time to go home? Such a waste of time 🤣

There is also a certain sense of freedom that comes with being able to plan your day the best way you see fit. Everyone is different and works in different ways so the idea that people have to be productive between a certain set of hours is setting folks up for failure. Not everyone is a morning person or even an afternoon person. There are literally people out there that are most productive in the middle of the night. Having a set list of deliverables and being able to determine when to work on them is truly freeing.


I don’t get to do WHATEVER I want, but I can do a lot more of what I want working as a digital nomad. There are so many possibilities like traveling, making breakfast, taking a nap after lunch, going for a walk, or taking a dip in the pool (manifesting that one too). With anything there is going to be shit that just has to get done and, contrary to popular belief, I do work. The difference is I have more control over when, where and how I work. To me, work isn't going anywhere and it will always be waiting for me when I get back so it does not need to be my top priority.

As a digital nomad, I have the freedom to work from my bed, my phone, a cafe, or on an airplane. There is no one constantly looking over my shoulder and micromanaging me. I am efficient and productive, but during set times. Throughout the day I make time to take care of myself both physically and mentally, eat slow meals, spe nd time with family and friends, work on my own platform, and work. Notice how work is at the bottom of the list, lol.

At the end of the day, becoming a digital nomad was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Do you think you could work completely remote?

I started my journey as a freelancer and, a year later, I secured a full time remote position in a brand new industry. It was not an overnight process, but I used the tips and tricks in my Guide to Transitioning into Remote Work to get it done.

Now, I'm securing the bag while enjoying all the perks of being a digital nomad. And you can too!

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