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All the Essentials

These are all my essentials for each aspect of my life. Getting the most bang for my buck is extremely important and having quality products that will survive my lifestyle is vital. I use every single one of these products and hope they can help you too!

*This page contains affiliate links that support me as a creator to continue joyriding.


Travel Essentials

Below are the descriptions for each.

Goldsen Travel Adapter
door lock_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 2.17_edited.png

Goldsen Travel Adapter | The days of carrying half a dozen adapters are offer with this one stop shop adapter that works in over 150 countries. It also has USB ports to charge other things at the same time as well.

SHRRADOO Backpack | One of the best investments is in a good backpack to use for backpacking or as a personal item. This bag is comfortable, has plenty of storage for everything including your laptop and has a way of never feeling too heavy.

Bubba Growler 64OZ
 | This water bottle makes keeping a substantial amount of water at all times easy and it keep it cold OR hot for hours on end. When I say putting ice water in this bottle means you're going to have ice water all day I mean it. The top has a handle that is perfect for adding a hiking clip and attaching the bottle to your backpack, suitcase, or anywhere else.

ProCase Fanny Pack | This is the definition of functional fashion. This fanny pack does more than just look good by having plenty of zippers and a hidden pocket perfect for money. This is my go to for travel days especially at the airport because it can hold my passport, tickets, phones, keys, wallet, and more!

Pdpenglai Portable Door Lock | Safety when traveling is essential. This door lock adds an extra layer of safety in your accommodation whether it's a hotel or Airbnb.

JBL Clip Portable Speaker | The perfect speaker when on the go. The sound is great, but the selling point was really the clip feature making it easy to travel with by clipping it to your pants, bookbag, purse, or anywhere really.

Remote Work

Remote Work Essentials

Below are the descriptions for each.

bed desk_edited.png

The Happy Planner (18 Month) | Keeping life organized can be a struggle and, if you're like me, you need to write things down. This agenda is perfect for remote work and freelancing. It's an 18 month planner broken down by week and has cute, positive message the beginning of each month. The best part is the pages don't rip our. They can be taken out and put right back in. I love to see it.

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray | This bed table makes it much easier to work from anywhere including in bed. I used this in college and when working remotely. I couldn't take it with me abroad and I miss it dearly. Sometimes le struggle is real living this nomadic lifestyle.

TECKNET Bluetooth Wireless Mouse | Everybody loves working from their computer, but after a while you begin missing things like a mouse. This mouse solves that problem. It is super convenient with smooth finger buttons, long lasting batteries and side buttons for forward and back navigation.

CE Compass Power Strip Tower | We all have a dozen things to plug in all the time and this power strip takes it to a new level. Charging made easy and convenient.


Creator Essentials

Below are the descriptions for each.


UFULA Ring Light | This ring light is easy to use and multifunctional for recording content, going live on social media and everything content creation. It has different light settings for every occasion and can even be brightened/dimmed.

SunStory iPhone XR Case | I am constantly using my phone for work and all this related to content creation. Having a ring makes holding my phone so much easier. It's also good to prop my phone up when needed.

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