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Digital Nomad Journey

In 2021, I began transitioning into being completely remote and location independent by learning new skills, getting small remote jobs I could do when I wasn’t teaching and preparing for my new life. I had virtually no experience working remotely, but I created an elevator pitch, became a loyal student at Google and YouTube University, and made it happen. I knew the skills I had and what I was capable of so I pitched my potential. I pitched what I could do even though I’d never done it before. A year later I quit my teaching job. I was deliriously confident and now I work completely remote as a freelancer and am location independent. In January 2022, I took my newfound freedom and moved to México where I’m fully immersing myself in the culture, language and food. I'm working completely from my computer and living an "unconventional" life while enjoying this new country I get to call home.

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