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Hey, hey!

I heard you want to work with me... I heard that when you clicked on this page.

You've most likely found me through my social media pages or got to know me through my About Me page (I hope).

Joyriding With Jash has always been a come travel with me platform, not come watch me travel. Traveling is not always pretty and this platform is living proof of that. From the good to the bad to the ugly, you get to see it ALL here.


Using the word 'joyriding' came from the beauty of alliteration, but, more importantly, as a way to show that amazing things can come from stepping outside of your comfort zone and just going for what you want.


Meet the Joyriders




and beyond

USA - 72.8%

18-24 - 19.5%

United Kingdom - 2.6%

25-34 - 51.8%


Women - 78.6%

Men - 21.3%

Canada - 1.5%

Okay, but why Jash?

What makes Joyriding With Jash different?


Joyriding With Jash is about more than just taking 'Gram worthy pictures or going viral, it's about really connecting with people and cultures around the world. Being a joyrider means getting off the beaten path and really allowing yourself to fully experience something new. Through storytelling and sharing real events, I give the unfiltered version of my experiences around the world.


Showing the good, bad, and the ugly is a core element of Joyriding With Jash. There are so many things that consistently go under the radar, but we talk about it all here. Social media is often considered a highlight of real life. Over here we show the ups and downs. Here, we talk about everything from dating abroad to country beauty to scams and everything in between.


We rocking until the wheels fall off over here. The Joyrider Community is full of RIDERS and I mean that. Our comfort zone is always in the rear view mirror and we put the pedal to the metal towards new experiences. We talk about the real topics and go way beneath the surface level when it comes to pretty much everything. From travel to dating to money, we get down to the nitty gritty and have the conversations that most shy away from. You know those parked car conversations everyone loves? That's kind of what it's like.

Hear it From the Joyriders


"Yesss! 🙌🏾 I was thinking how much I would have benefited seeing a page like yours when I was in my early 20’s! Thank you for helping myself and others considerate a life off the beaten path, as they say! 🤗🤗💖"

- Alexia, 29

Ready to Partner?

Forming new partnerships with exciting and innovative companies is one of the best parts of being a creative. I love being able to stretch beyond my comfort zone and dive into new experiences! There are countless ways we can collaborate, but here's a few ideas:


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Freelance writing


Hotel reviews

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Website advertising

Social Media Content

TikTok, TikTok Stories, Instagram, IG Stories, IG Video, IG Live, Twitter, Pinterest

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Tourism campaigns via social media

Social Media Management/Takeover

Host giveaways

Brand Partnership

Brand Ambassadorship

Press Trips

Did you have something different in mind? Shoot me an email with your partnership idea and let's talk!

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