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Language is my Love Language

Updated: May 5, 2022

Language is my Love Language

안녕하세요! 내 이름은 Janelle입니다. 나는 한국 에 산다. 나는 영어 선생이야. 반가요!

Je parle français aussi. quand j'etait au Senegal j'ai essaye apprendre français et Wolof. Français est un langue de Latin et c'est le plus facile pour moi apprendre parce que c'est le plus proche d'anglais. Mon français c'est pas tres bien et je fais beaucoup des erreurs mais je continue essayer chaque journee. Je parle français avec mes eleves et amis au Senegal et mes amis au Haiti. Je utilise français apprendre un autre langue aussi 👇🏾

Dama beug diangue Wolof. Dama beug wax Wolof ak sama kharit bou nek Sénégal. Wolof nirou woul ak benen langue ci lima kham mes ci gueneuh meti ci limay diangue. Mots you barri nirou woul ak limaye deug avant wolof nekoul ci Google Translate wayé douma bayi mou sedd. Name nalla, Senegal. Ba benene.

At one point, I used all four of these languages on a daily basis. From navigating daily life in Korea to talking with friends and family back in the States. I also talked to my friends and students in Senegal on a regular. At least one of my students is writing me to tell me about their birthday or show me their new phone. My students became my family and Senegal hasn't seen the last of me so I'm going to keep learning and practicing the languages.

Learning languages is one of the main reasons I love travel. The ability to communicate with people in a way that's completely foreign and different to my own language. Making connections with different languages I've studied and seeing the overlaps. When traveling learning phrases and words in the language of the country goes a long way. You can mispronounce and butcher the language, but people will be happy you’re making the effort. Simply learning the words for please, thank you, and excuse me can make a work of difference.

Traveling shows you a lot about yourself and the world around you. There are so many things to experience and learn while seeing the world and languages is a big one. This not only enhances you as a person and world citizen, but also allows you to connect to the people around you. Struggling comes with the territory, but being able to communicate in another country is extremely rewarding. Meeting people halfway will go a long way and show others that you're making an effort.

Apps and books can help you establish the basics, but getting out and interacting is where the real learning happens. Traveling gives you the opportunity to learn from the best teachers there are, native speakers. Real situations and conversations. Authentic accents, speeds, and pronunciations will give you the verbal, listening, and comprehension skills that are hard to replicate in the classroom,

For me, I'm always diving in head first to learn the language of the country I'm in. Whether I'm there for a week or a year, I want to learn as much as I can. From friends to Airbnb hosts, I'm taking advantage of every opportunity to practice and learn. I'm the type of person to make a 30 second interaction turn into a 5 minute language lesson because I refuse to give up. I will butcher pronunciations, forget grammar rules, and even throw in words from other languages, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

Friends & Google helped me with some of this post, but what I knew I wrote (mistakes and all). Feed me & teach me something in another language and I'll love you forever... 😉

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