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Commuting in South Korea

My daily commute in South Korea

You know that friend that always says, “It's not that far. We can walk.“ Yeah, that’s me.

I walk MILES on a daily basis here in South Korea. The commute to my job is a 20 minute walk each way and I usually take a longer route on most days for the exercise. I've made the walk in snow flurries, rain, hot sun, darkness of the night, wind and everything else. It’s really not that bad to be honest. I find new restaurants, markets, and take in the environment of Korea.

I’m the type of person that walks until they smell something good to eat or something catches my eye. There have been countless times when I followed a scent to a restaurant and ended up eating there. I trust my senses & they haven’t failed me yet.

There’s a local grocery store on my route to work and if I walk 10 minutes more I’m at the supermarket. Sure, I could easily hop in a cheap taxi and save myself time and effort, but I choose to walk. Gotta get these steps in. You feel me?

I’m not going to lie though… It has bitten me in the ass a couple times. For example, one weekend I decided to walk 30 minutes to the supermarket just to find out that it was closed. Apparently, the big supermarkets and stores are closed twice a month to give smaller businesses the opportunity to stay afloat. I support the movement… I just wish that before I took that walk for a bottle of wine. Maybe that was the universe telling me I didn’t need a drink that day.

My means of transportation are, as my Mother would say, Pat and Turner. My feet get me where I need & want to be without a problem. I’m joyriding in my hypothetical car 🤪

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