Cooking in South Korea

"We got food at home."

I know this phrase brings back memories for a lot of us. IYKYK. It hits different when it's your money though... •

Everybody loves to talk about how good the food is in Korea and it is! What you don't hear about is people cooking at home... Let me tell you.


The first time I tried to cook in my apartment I literally had to YouTube how to turn on the stove. I turned the nob a good 15 times before I had to question my intelligence and turn to the internet. In South Korea, you first have to turn a nob attached to a pipe to turn on the gas. THEN, you can turn the nob on the actual stove and the flame will come on. I thought back to all the apartment tour vlogs I watched and not nan person talked about that. Nobody forgot to mention the self explanatory key pad on the door though 🙄


There's only 2 eyes. Now, I do have to give credit to the vloggers on this one. They definitely warned me about the small stove with only two eyes. I'm used to having a pan for my meat, a pot for my starch, a pan for my vegetables and maybe another pot just for fun. Not possible here.

I’m becoming a self proclaimed pro at one pan meals and perfectly timing when to cook different things. In the beginning (and at times now as well) I definitely had times when one thing was scorching hot and another was room temp or even cool. You might be asking, "Well why didn't you just microwave it again?" That leads me to point number 3.


No oven. No microwave. No toaster. No Easy Bake Oven. That’s right. Just two eyes on a stove. Oven? Haven't heard that name in a while. Microwave? Sorry to that man.

Anybody that knows me knows I'm the queen of leftovers. I can never finish my food from restaurants or when I cook myself. Five dollar take out here in Korea can literally last me 3 meals. How I warm up my food? On those handy dandy eyes. I've warmed up leftover soup in a pan and I'm not embarrassed. It was hot wasn't it? I do what I have to do.

Cooking in Korea is a balancing act and I often miss the counter space at my house in Connecticut, but it's all part of the experience. On that note... Let me figure out where I'm getting take out from tonight 😋


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