Did I Fumble the Bag?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The truth behind the money... 🤑

Making thousands of dollars may sound good, but how much of that is actually going into YOUR pocket? After bills and expenses what are you really making?

Before moving to South Korea I compared my offer to teach in Gunsan to my offer to work as an engineer in Delaware. After factoring in everything from taxes, groceries, savings and insurance I realized there wasn't that much of a difference. Only a couple hundred dollars.

Okay so boom. I don't have a car so I'm not paying for any gas, regular maintenance or insurance. That's thousands of dollars right there.

On top of all that my only expenses are my utilities & feeding myself. A cheap take out meal can literally last me a couple meals. If I was living in the States I definitely would not be eating out on a daily basis like I do here. I don't really cook much of anything except breakfast so my groceries are only about $20 a week (fruit is expensive here 😭).

So picture this. You get to do a job you love, travel and live in a different country. You learn languages, try new food & meet new people. Definitely worth the couple hundred dollars a month. Engineering is a pretty good thing to fall back on too. Bag secured.

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