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Getting a COVID Test in Haiti 🇭🇹

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Getting a COVID Test in Haiti

At this point my nose is used to the constant abuse.

Getting a COVID test in Haiti was by far the easiest process so far. The entire process was less than half an hour from start to finish.

I decided to get tested at the airport the day of my flight. I went to the airport early just in case it took a long time, but it didn’t. A random guy helped me with the whole process... I’ll explain why later. I started by filling out a form stating I didn’t have any symptoms and some basic personal information. Then, I went to pay.

Yes, I had to dig in them pockets. Getting tested at the airport was 85USD. So, let's get back to the guy helping me. When I went to pay he handed me the money in Haitian Gouds. I wasn't fully understanding why he just handed me a wad of cash, but I took it. I read the signs saying I could pay in USD and continued to be confused. I told them people the man just gave me this money to pay and then it clicked.

My boy wanted the mighty USD. He wanted me to pay using his local currency and then reimburse him with the USD equivalent. My mans out here hustling. In Haiti, having USD is gold and whenever I ask people why USD is seen as so valuable I get a different answer.

So, once I paid I was off to get my nostrils swabbed. The woman lowered my mask, swabbed both nostrils and then sent me on my way. I then had to wait not even 15 minutes for the results. I showed my results to the airline worker and I was done. Easy like Sunday morning.

I’m still getting used to this new normal of travel, but it’s going. I tell you one thing though I’m ready to stop paying for these tests 😩

If you’ve ever been tested did you have to pay for it or was it free dollars?

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