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Getting Off the Beaten Path

Getting off the beaten path

Before going anywhere I always try to see what the city is known for. This gives me an idea of what a city has to offer and my "must sees". A quick Google or Instagram search allows me to take a look at before I get there. The gag is... I prefer to be off the beaten path.

Aimlessly wandering the city, talking to locals, finding Airbnb experiences and just getting lost describe my travel style. Seeing tourist attractions are cool, but I wanna see the REAL stuff. I wanna get away from other tourists and see what natives got going on.

Airbnb experiences led me to this traditional Korean market where locals go. My tour guide literally does her weekly grocery shopping here. She showed me the ropes in the market, bought a plethora of snacks for me to try & then gave me a bunch of recommendations for the rest of my stay in Busan. After the tour she even helped me with figuring out the public transportation to my next stops. I got an inside look at life in Busan and made a friend. Top 3 tours.

Airbnb experiences are extremely unique because it's real, local people giving the tours. It's not a big company or organization just after your money. Authentic cooking classes, tours of only locally known spots, nights out, and everything in between. Airbnb experiences are my new go to. If only you could see how many experiences I have saved 😅

Getting off the beaten path gives you a more unique experience no matter where you are. From making connections to finding hidden gems you won't regret taking the time to slow down and explore. Get lost (preferably while the sun is still out). I highly recommend.

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