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Grocery Shopping in Korea

Grocery Shopping in Korea

When the Rona cases calmed down & things started to open back up I started grocery shopping less. From my recently established social life to dating to treating myself (because I deserve). On any given day you can catch me in somebody's establishment.

Although I'm not cooking at home as much I still make my trips to the grocery store. After ten months in South Korea, I can now read a lot of the packages and have a better idea of what I'm buying. Less mystery meat & hoping what I'm buying doesn't have nuts in it 🙃 Learning to read Korean was a week of YouTube videos well spent.

Most of my groceries are produce like fruits and vegetables. I know I'm going to eat out anyway so there's no point in me buying a bunch of stuff that's just going to sit in my cabinets. My go to meal at home is pasta with vegetables and fruit is my favorite snack. My weekly groceries are about 20USD which is light work.

In Korea, fruit is pretty expensive, but I'm willing to bite the bullet on that one every single week. I neeeeeed it. Everything else is around the same price as in the States and I'm always shopping what's on sale.

I said it once and I'll say it again... LIVING abroad is different from talking a vacation. I do touristy stuff, but I also go to work, pay bills and grocery shop. This lifestyle isn't for everybody, but it's for ME. Is it for you 👀

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2 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
06 ene 2021

@Carlton 😂 I know you love HH, but I can definitely see you going abroad again!

Me gusta

Whoa...did you say dating? Mom/Val, she might never come back home!!! LOL, enjoy your life My precocious Cuz. I'd live and work abroad again in a NY minute, as long as I was getting paid!!!

Me gusta
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