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Hiring Season in South Korea

Hiring Season is Among Us

Hiring season is among us here in Korea. If you're looking to teach here now is the time to get on it so let me drop a few gems for you.

First and foremost, get that paperwork together. Getting a working visa in Korea is not an easy task AND we in a pandemic. I got mine done just before shit hit the fan with Rona & it still took weeks to do. Plus, most schools that are looking at candidates out of country want your paperwork ready to send.

Second, get some recruiters. Yes, multiple. As many as possible. Different agencies have different relationships with schools and you never know where an opportunity might be hiding. Get a team of recruiters working on your behalf to find schools for you. And don’t forget the magic rule: DON'T PAY RECRUITEFS ANYTHING. If they're asking for money they're scamming. Period.

Last gem imma leave you with is to ask for the contact information of a CURRENT teacher. Directors, recruiters, and management gone tell you what you wanna hear just like you doing to them. That's just the game, but actual teachers? They gone give you the real deal (hopefully 🙃). Request to do a video or phone call so there's no paper trail & you can speak freely. Hagwon Horror Stories are REAL and there's some bottom of the barrel schools out there just looking for a token native speaker. Other foreigners usually gone look out for you.

So you pulling up or nah 👀

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