Random Acts of Kindness in Korea

Random Acts of Kindness in Korea

Living & traveling around the world has shown me that people are generally good. When you ask a stranger for directions they'll help you. When you're out dancing in a club the people dancing next to you somehow become your friends in that moment. Terms like "stranger danger" have value for vulnerable children, but they embed a fear of other people. As an adult, I'm learning most strangers are just regular degular people like me 💁🏾‍♀️

In the past 7 months in Korea strangers have been showing out. Random acts of kindness have become more and more common. Here's just a few of them I've experienced here:

✨ A guy saw me walking in the rain without an umbrella and walked with me as far as our paths crossed with his umbrella

✨ Me & my friends were out drinking and a guy randomly bought us beer & hangover cures

✨ A woman and her daughter repeatedly offered to take my picture in a museum when I was traveling solo

✨ A couple at a restaurant saw me waiting for service without being acknowledged and basically told the staff to seat & serve me

✨ People at the next table randomly coming to my table to make 소맥 (beer & soju mix)

✨ A group of teenagers saw me trying on clothes and politely let me know that was against the rules before I got in trouble (apparently you're not supposed to try on shirts here)

Constantly being surrounded by strangers comes with the territory when living abroad and, honestly, it's not a bad thing. You never know when a random encounter will turn into a friendship or, at the very least, a great memory.


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