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Staycation: A Top Tier Experience


So nobody was going to tell me how top tier a staycation is? Bet.

Jokes aside though. I never thought a staycation would ever be what I needed until it was. I spent part of my winter break on a vacation and part on a staycation. Although Korea has been handling the panny well, the options for travel are still limited and it's always gone be safer to be in the crib. Before Rona I thought I would be spending my time off in Japan, China, Thailand, etc. We all know that's no longer an option so traveling within Korea is the only option. Although, there's still much to see in Korea I decided to spend the second half of my winter break in my own house.

On my staycation I relaxed more than I ever do on a vacation. When on vacation there's a sense of urgency to do and see as much as possible. During my staycation the pressure was off. I stayed in bed all day, binge watched Netflix, stuffed my face with takeout, handled some business, did some face masks, cut my nails, danced around my place, went for walks in my city. Truly whatever I felt like and it was AMAZING.

Some days I would wrestle with the idea of spending a few nights elsewhere or taking a day trip somewhere, but then I thought about the snow on the ground and pulled my blanket a little higher. Spending time with myself, doing what I wanted and not having to think about work was truly a top tier experience. I'm the biggest advocate for travel, but I also now STAN staycations.

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