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The Blacklist

The Blacklist

My cup runneth over with tea. Deciding to teach in Korea is one of the best decisions I've ever made, but everybody doesn't share my sentiments. That's why there's a blacklist... 🤭

The Blacklist was created for foreign teachers to warn other teachers about schools to avoid at all costs. From being disrespected by bosses to being put in moldy apartments to not being paid. People have seen it all. The Blacklist provides the name of the school and location along with an explanation as to why the school just ain't it.

The Blacklist for South Korea is definitely a good place to start when figuring out which companies and schools to avoid. On the other hand, there’s also a Greenlist on the same page. This is where current and former teachers talk about schools that they really enjoyed and would suggest other people work for. The only downside is anybody can post on the Greenlist including directors and management of schools that are trying to do damage control after being Blacklisted.

So, whenever you decide to begin looking for jobs abroad make sure to read reviews and look at what the people that came before you had to say. Everybody has a different experience living abroad, but there are some things we all can agree just ain’t the move. There are Blacklists and other places where foreignerers try to warn others for a lot of countries with large expat communities especially with teachers. Don't get caught slipping in these foreign streets 🥴

The South Korea Blacklist:

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