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Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Currently: Out Of Office. Do not disturb.

Having a work-life balance is essential when working any job. I make sure to establish clear boundaries between my work and personal time. When I'm off of work, I'm off of work. Period.

Being able to separate yourself from work is a major key. As a teacher I can't help thinking about my kids when I'm off the clock, but I'm not about to bring work home. When I'm out of office I stay there. I take the time to travel, hang out with my friends, rest, meet new people, and do whatever I want to. It's MY time.

I love teaching & working with kids, but I still need my "ME Time". Whether I'm out in these streets or chilling watching Netflix I do what I need to do. Making sure to take time for yourself can prevent burnout and reduce stress.

Working in a stressful or toxic environment can be exhausting... Don't ask how I know 🙃 That's why I have to prioritize my peace like in this picture. My work-life balance keeps me sane and in the game. How’s yours?

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