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5 Foods Under 5USD in Korea

5 Foods Under 5USD in Korea

Let me be the first to say it: South Korean food is more than just barbeque. Don't get me wrong. The barbecue does what it needs to do, but there's so many other options. Especially when you're eating alone or trying to save some coins. From soups to snacks, Korea has the perfect food for every situation. Here's a few Korean foods under 5USD when you're balling on a budget.

1. 김밥 (Gimbap)

Gimbap is the perfect thing to have for lunch in South Korea. It is filling, but not too heavy. It consists of rice, vegetables, egg, ham and various other ingredients wrapped in seaweed. Some popular versions have tuna or kimchi inside. Gimbap also pairs well with ramen and other hot dishes like tteokbokki. You can eat it at the restaurant or take it and eat it on the go. It's cut in bite size slices and can be eaten piece by piece from the foil.

2. 라면 (Ramen)

Ramen is definitely a quick and easy meal in Korea. It's cheap, fast and there's a bunch of different versions. You can get regular ramen, cheese ramen, kimchi ramen, rice cakes ramen, dumplings ramen, rice cakes and dumplings ramen. The list goes on. Ramen is served super hot with the usual Korean side dishes like kimchi and pickled radish.

3. 핫도그 (Korean hotdogs)

Korean hotdogs are great for on the go eating. It’s similar to a corn dog and there's a bunch of different variations. There's hot dogs with potatoes, cheese, rice cakes, and a bunch of other toppings. You can even get your hotdog sprinkled with sugar on top. It may sound weird, but don’t knock it until you try it. Take it for me.

4. 만두 (Dumplings)

In Korea there are two different kinds of dumplings. You can get them fried or steamed. Both are delicious, cheap, and filling. You can get dumplings with kimchi, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. Dumb things can be eaten by themselves, but I think they go best when paired with some thing else. And don’t forget the dipping sauce.

5. 짜장면 (Black Bean Noodles)

Jjajangmyeon or Black Bean Noodles is a popular Korean-Chinese dish. This dish has noodles, onions, vegetables, and a little bit of meat all topped with black bean sauce. It can be found all around the country and goes perfectly with crispy deep fried pork (Tangsuyuk, 탕수육). There are also other inexpensive dishes with the staple black bean sauce such as Jjajangbap or Black Bean Rice.

South Korea is a foodie destination for a reason. Getting the good eats is a must do when visiting or living in the country. Whether you’re looking for all the thrills or balling on a budget, South Korea has what you need.

So... Which one looks the best to you 👀

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