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Covid Test Turned Massage in St. Maarten

My Covid test turned into a massage. I know that sentence probably doesn’t make any sense, but hear me out. Imma make it make sense.

So, in order to come back to the States from St. Maarten I had to get a Covid test. That’s no surprise. The surprise came when they told me I could pay for the test OR put the money towards a purchase at the hotel. I could choose between a room upgrade, specialty bottle of wine or something from the spa. You already know which one I chose.

It sounds like a great deal (and it is), but there was a slight catch. The cost of the Covid test was $55 and wasn’t a damn thing in that spa less than that 😂 They smart. In the end it ended up being a NICE discount though. My massage was originally $85 and, with the discount, was less than half the original price. Where can you find a mud massage for $30? I’ll wait.

For thirty nuggets I got to experience the Relaxation Room and get my back, head, and feet rubbed on. This trip was all about luxury travel, but I got this massage for less than half the price. We STAN luxury experiences without luxury prices over here. #ballinonabudget

The virus has definitely fucked up A LOT, but have you had any small wins like this because of Miss Rona? Drop them in the comments 👇🏾

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