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Getting a Covid Test in Korea

Getting a Covid Test in Korea

It's no secret that if you're trying to make international moves you'll most likely have to get that nose swab. Unfortunately, even Queens like me have to get nostril violation 😭

Up until a month before I was scheduled to leave Korea there were no requirements to enter the States. Crazy, but I was LOWKEY happy I would get to keep my nose virginity. Then it all changed and my nose will never be the same.

Two days before leaving Korea I headed to the medical center to get tested. Of course I went to the wrong place first, but once I found the right place things went pretty smoothly. After a few Google translates I gave my information and waited in line.

When I got to the front I was handed a package of two cotton swabs and a tube. My credit card was then collected and bagged. I walked up to what looked like a ticket booth with arms sticking out. There was a man in a complete hazmat suit behind the glass and only his arms stuck out the holes. He took the swabs then did a swab in my nose and one in my mouth. Done.

I'm really dramatic, but to be completely honest I didn't feel anything. It was 2 seconds of discomfort, but no pain. The entire test took all of 15 seconds and then I was on my way.

Things to know about getting a Covid test in Korea:

  1. My test was about 120USD with insurance. Without insurance it would've been 300USD. The prices may vary depending on where you go.

  2. The results were available the next day.

  3. There was a significant upcharge for the results to be in English (1USD in Korean and 20USD in English, but I made friends with the staff and paid a dollar 😉).

All in all getting tested was painless and easy to do even with the language barrier. If my dramatic ass can do it so can you. Now I wish I would've recorded it instead of being scary. Wear a mask. Get tested. Be smart.

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