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Getting Around Korea

Getting Around Korea

Getting around in Korea is actually pretty easy compared to other places. There are buses and trains that can take you all around the country inexpensively. I traveled 4 hours on a bus from my little city on the west coast all the way to the east coast for 30USD. I also rode 3 hours on the train for 20USD. Basically, you can get all around the country for the low. You can order tickets online or at the station. Don't worry... It's in English.

There's also taxis literally everywhere you look. You can use the Korean version of Uber, KakaoTaxi, to order one or just stand outside for 5 seconds and you'll be fine. In my city I can go pretty much anywhere in a taxi without spending more than ten bucks, but things are more expensive in the big cities like Seoul & Busan.

Public transportation is really affordable and accessible. All cities have buses and bigger ones have subways too. They usually cost around 1-2USD per trip. Google Maps doesn’t work in Korea, but you can download apps like KakaoMaps and Naver Map which are basically the same thing.

Although masks are required on public transportation, trains, intercity buses and in taxis, social distancing doesn't really exist. People try to keep space between others, but it's not always possible 🤷🏾‍♀️

You know how you can get around and avoid the Rona? Walking. I walk all over the place during the day and night. Korea is a safe country so I feel safe getting around alone. I choose walking majority of the time, but to each his own.

How do you get around when you travel to new places?

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