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I Quit My Highest Paying Job to be a Digital Nomad

Updated: May 20, 2022

I Quit My Highest Paying Job to be a Digital Nomad

Teacher Bae is now retired 😢

The last 3 years literally changed my life. Teaching abroad opened my eyes to the world and the lifestyle I wanted to have. Through all the ups and downs I wouldn’t trade my time as an international teacher for a thing. I got to live in four different countries on four different continents. I met so many amazing people and made connections that are going to last forever. From host families to friends to coworkers, countless people made my time as an international teacher unforgettable.

In 2021 I made the decision to go completely remote. Throughout the year I had a total of 9 different jobs at some point in time and a lot of them were all online. I did web design, online teaching, social media management, graphic design, virtual assistant work and a bunch of other things to ease my way into being completely remote. Ya girl was WORKING. I used my resources, networked, researched and did what needed to be done to make this transition possible. Being location independent and in control of my time was always the goal so now it was time to make it happen.

Fast forward to 2022 and I’m a full time digital nomad. I’m living an “unconventional” life now, but I was the poster child for following the steps when I was growing up. I went to school, played sports, graduated 4th in my high school class and went on to college. In college, I busted my ass and graduated summa cum laude with my engineering degree. I looked for regular 9-5 jobs in my field just like everyone else. That's what you're supposed to do, right?

It took companies telling me that they wouldn’t let me work in their overseas offices straight outta college for me to take a step back. I started teaching abroad in 2019 and it showed me that what I wanted was possible. Now, I’m taking another leap of faith and going after my dreams even more.

We did it, Joe 🤪

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