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My Karen Story

My Karen Story


Karen thought her dog was more important than me. To be politically correct: She had me fucked up.

So, BOOM. Southwest airlines. Everybody knows Southwest doesn’t have assigned seating. At a certain point, only middle seats are going to be available. It’s inevitable.

If I’m going to be in the middle seat I’d rather it be towards the front of the plane so I can get off faster. So, I boarded the plane and saw two seats in the first and second row. The first row may sound better, but you can’t put anything on the floor in front of you so I went for the second row.

*Insert Karen*

I went two put my carry-on in the overhead and excuse myself to the seat when I noticed a dog in my storage space. Karen then informed me that her dog could not be moved and if I wasn’t okay with that I had to find another place to sit. Little did Karen know, she had the wrong one. I calmly told her that that was my space and she needed to move her mutt.

She then started to tell me how she paid a hundred extra dollars for her dog to be on the plane and she had to have it with her. Mind you, this was not a service dog… I’m not about to argue with anybody so I swiftly called the flight attendant. She told Karen that’s $100 fee was merely for the dog to come on board and if she wanted designated space for the dog she would’ve had to buy a seat.

Karen was then fuming while I was in my seat grinning. She was fumbling all around trying to get her life together while I peacefully waited for takeoff.

Jash: 1

Karen: 0

Have you ever had a Karen Encounter? Let me know in the comments!

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