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My Side Hustle

Updated: May 1, 2021

My Side Hustle

When Tichina Arnold said, “I don’t need this. My man has two jobs.” I felt that. The only difference is my man is me 😭

You thought I was just talking when I said I love working from my bed? I was DEAD ASS and this is the year I made it happen. I secured a part-time job completely remote. Let the transition begin...

Alright, prepare yourself for this. I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Since graduating I have been working as an international teacher all around the world. As if that path wasn’t different enough... I’m now working part time as a web designer. At this point, what can’t I do?

One of the biggest goals for me is to always be learning and developing new skills. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and once I finished traditional school the world became my classroom. Living abroad has been the biggest learning opportunity. I get to learn about myself as well as the ins and outs of another culture on a daily basis. And now I’m learning about web design and managing remote work as well.

Do you have a side hustle? Put me on to more ways get my coinsss 🤪

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