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My Trip to Russia

My Trip to Russia

The final "Fuck You" aka how I ended up in Russia in the middle of a Panasonic.

In Korea, upon completion of a year long contract as an English teacher you have the option of staying of staying in the country or getting your return ticket back home. I chose the latter and that was used as the final opportunity to say "Fuck you" one last time.

Instead of booking the safest and most convenient route for me to go home I was sent to Russia. The non-stop flight back to JFK would limit my contact with other people and be the smoothest transition home so, of course, that wasn't the ticket I was given. In the middle of a pan seared steak, the ticket that would limit my exposure to potentially infected people was out of the question. Instead, the opposite.

Oh, it gets better. Instead of booking a flight that would give me time to get to the airport, I was given a ticket first thing in the morning. After working a nine hour shift on my last day I had to run to the airport... Literally. Traveling over 5 hours after a full day of work was the only way to make it to the airport on time. Once again, the final "Fuck you".

I survived that pure evil and hate and completed my contract. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but living abroad is not an extended vacation. There's going to be problems regardless of where you decide to call home. My year in Korea definitely had ups and downs, but I'd do it all again. The relationships and experiences I had in Korea outweigh the shenanigans of my job by a landslide. Being able to separate professional and personal is also a major key to dealing with issues abroad.

They tried to break me, but they didn’t know who I was. They've been trying to break black folks for how long now? Black women been tried since when? HBCU grads were BUILT for this shit. The fortitude that is weaved into the sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.? They ain't know what kinda strength they had walking through the building, but guess what. If ya don't know, now you know..... Y'all know the rest.

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