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Perks of TMobile for Travel

Perks of TMobile for Travel

Airplane mode? I don’t know her.

Before making the switch to T-Mobile my phone was ALWAYS on airplane mode when traveling abroad. The entire 3 months in Italy and the whole 5 months in Senegal. It was wifi or bust 🤷🏾‍♀️ Then, I switched to T-Mobile for the traveling perks.

⚡️ Unlimited wifi and texting on Delta flights

I don’t always fly Delta, but when I do this is a big perk. I honestly didn’t even know it was a thing until recently and the wifi is, in fact, quality.

⚡️ Unlimited texting abroad.

This can come in clutch when trying to get in touch with people abroad and there isn’t good internet or wifi. Some places abroad also text such as restaurants when your table is ready or when your ride is there to pick you up.

⚡️ Unlimited data abroad.

This is by far my favorite part, but let me be clear. You’re not getting lightning speed data while abroad, but it’s MORE than enough to use common communication apps like WhatsApp, Kakao, etc. T-Mobile *says* you can only use it for 3 months, but I had it my entire year in Korea. They really only care if you’re using it A LOT and then they’ll cut you off 😂

The international rates some of these companies use are really ridiculous and I wasn't having it. TMobile really knew the assignment and did what needed to be done. Being able to use your phone while abroad instead of scrambling to find a local sim card or being limited to WiFi is a top tier feature of the service. They really can come in clutch with these perks for all types of travelers! This is literally the ONLY reason I made the switch and I regret nothing.

To my fellow travelers, how do you use your phone abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

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