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Semester Abroad Turned Into a Lifestyle

Semester Abroad Turned Into a Lifestyle

See what had happened was...

My semester abroad ended up being everything I expected and then some. There was no way I was going back to life in the States and to working in engineering. I applied to numerous volunteer teaching programs like Fulbright and the Peace Corps. Full disclosure: they ain’t want me. *Senegal has entered the chat*

I applied to another program in Senegal and they told me to pull up. I volunteered as an English teacher in Senegal for 5 months... Then it was time to get paid. *South Korea has entered the chat*

I secured a full-time, PAID teaching position in Gunsan, South Korea. I spent a year teaching kindergarten through high school students, but I had to escape the cold. *Haiti has entered the chat*

Now, I’m here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti still teaching, but this time at an American international school. After 2 years, I’m no longer teaching English as a foreign language. I’m working as a fifth grade teacher and it’s definitely different than my past experiences. I’m joyriding in the Caribbean and enjoying every second of it. Only time will tell which country enters the chat next 👀

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