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Snowboarding in South Korea

Snowboarding in South Korea

One good thing about being in Korea during the winter was being able to go snowboarding. Aside from sledding and falling on ice I had never done any snow activities before. It's no secret I'm more of a beach and sunshine type of person, but when the opportunity to try snowboarding presented itself I couldn't say no.

I booked my snowboarding trip at YongPyong Resort through a travel company in Korea called Enjoy Korea (link below). The trip was about 280USD and transportation as well as accommodations were all included. I paid an extra 15USD to rent the gear and then I was all set. Or so I thought...

Due to the Panasonic the beginners lessons were cancelled so I was on my own. First, I had to figure out how to strap my feet into the board. I reached deep into my engineering background and figured out what was going on. Then it was time to start. I have no idea what I was doing and you can guess what happened next. Ass to snow. Head to snow. Back to snow. Knees to snow. Hands to snow. And so on.

I was relying solely on trial and error and trying to see what others around me were doing. Each time I fell, unstrapped my board and dragged it back up the hill to try again. Once I got over the fear of falling and developed a technique to fall strategically everything was a go. I was stilling hitting the snow, but now it was with purpose.

Now for the resort. It was giving airport prices. Regular degular meals were more expensive, but the portions were the same. For example, a regular mango smoothie is ~3USD in my city, but they were changing more than double that. It's only a couple dollars, but it's the principle... I paid it though 🙃

Food aside, the real kicker was the rooms. I thought I was going to have a nice, comfortable bed, but instead I walked in to a traditional Korean bed (click here to read more about the beds: Although, they were really spacious and clean, the bed is what I needed the most especially after a day of falling on the hard snow. My body was sore and I'm pretty sure I had a bruised tailbone. Sleeping on a hard "bed" was NOT the move.

All in all I regret nothing. I got to experience snowboarding and in South Korea of all places. Yes, that was a flex.

Have you ever been snowboarding? How did you deal with falling? 😂

EnjoyKorea website:

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