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The DMV: Off the Beaten Path

The DMV: Off the Beaten Path

The DMV is one of those places where you just can't see it all. I've been several times and ever time I'm seeing something different. Everybody knows about the National Mall and the White House, but there's so much more than that. Let’s talk about some hidden gems in the DMV.

3 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in the DMV

💎 Gravelly Point

This is a must do when visiting the DMV. Located in Arlington, Virginia, Gravelly Point is where you can literally watch planes land and takeoff. There is a large grassy area where you can bring chairs or a blanket, have a picnic, and watch the steady flow of planes. Get your cameras ready and don’t worry about getting the shot on the first try because the planes are literally coming one after the other. There are public bathrooms and admission & parking is free 🤑

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💎 National Harbor

This area of Maryland is a whole vibe. There are plenty of restaurants, little shops and activities on the water. Whether you want to hop in a kayak, grab a meal with a view of the Potomac or take a Ferris wheel ride the National Harbor has it all. There are also plenty of hotels in the area walking distance from everything. I’ve stayed at National Harbor multiple times during trips to the DMV and I highly recommend 🙌🏾

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💎 Eat & Drink at Stan’s

We love a local favorite and this is definitely one of them in DC. This cocktail lounge prides themselves on having STRONG drinks and I can stamp that statement. In fact, back in the day they brought your liquor and mixer separately and let you mix it yourself. Ain’t no skimping on the liquor at Stan’s. They are also known for their fried & baked wings. I recommend the baked cooked well and don’t forget the homemade Mambo sauce 🤪

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3 Off the Beaten Path Places to Drink in the DMV

🧋 Panda Tea House

This cute little shop has multiple locations in the DMV including one right at the National Harbor in Maryland. They have tea, milk tea, slushies, and milk shakes on their drink menu. They also have a bunch of toppings options to with your drinks like tapioca, pearls, jellies, aloe vera, milk foam, fruit boba and MORE! I got a mango slushy with tapioca boba and when I say it was BUSSIN. I almost had to go back to get another one. They also have bubble waffles, ice cream and rolled ice cream to go along with your drink. This is the perfect spot to grab a refreshing snack.

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🥃 Whiskey Charlie's

I stan a rooftop bar and this one did not disappoint. Whiskey Charlie's is on the rooftop of the Canopy Hotel in DC. This is the perfect place to go when bar hopping or looking to get good drinks with a view. I had a classic lemon drop, but I really went for the views and vibes. This cocktail lounge overlooks the Washington Channel and is directly across from the airport. Grab a drink and watch the planes coming in at this location.

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🍹 Shooter McGee's

This grill and tavern a little known spot in Alexandria, Virginia. The outer seating was definitely super cute especially at night. The drinks here did not disappoint and were far from the watered down drinks you may find elsewhere. If you're a tequila person I'd recommend the blood orange margarita with a shot of Grand Marnier. Thank me later. They also have daily food specials on different items from their menu so make sure you go on the right day to get the most bang for your buck. A great spot to start your night out!

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Have you ever been to the DMV before? Let me know in the comments!

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Wow I'll have to save this one and take the Queen Bee when next we visit the DMV!

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