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Tourist vs. Traveler

Tourist vs. traveler

Whether you fully immerse yourself in a culture and experience will determine whether you’re a tourist or a traveler. That’s no shade. Just facts. In my humble opinion, tourists are temporary while travelers are for the long-haul. Imma let that one sit for a minute.

Now, let me be clear. You don’t have to live abroad to be a traveler. You can go on short week long trips and still be a traveler. It’s about the experience. It’s about what you’re learning and opening your mind to during your trip. And on the flip side, you can live in another country and still be a tourist.

Imma be real with y’all. Being a traveler is not for everyone. Some people want to go to another country, see the tourist attractions and go home. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. The tourism industry is booming for a reason. Tourists are necessary.

That’s just not the way I move. Whether I’m going somewhere for a short amount of time or packing my bags to move, I want a deeper experience. I want to see beneath the surface level of a country. I don’t wanna go to the spots that are popular with tourists. I wanna go where the locals go. That’s where the real culture is. That’s where the real people are. That’s where I wanna be.

I’m not saying I don’t hit the tourist spots. When I was in Italy I went to the Colosseum. The whole purpose of my trip to Canada was to see Niagara Falls. While living in Korea, I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Gamcheon Cultute Village. Tourist attractions are famous for a reason. They’re just not all a country has to offer.

Being able to walk away from a country with more than just a magnet souvenir is the goal for me.

So, be honest. Are you a tourist or a traveler? Let me know in the comments.

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