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Traveling Thanks to Black Folks

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Traveling Thanks to Black Folks

We all love a good trip, right? Can't wait to go somewhere. Can we take a minute and acknowledge the fact that we wouldn't be going NOWHERE without Black Folks? Let me explain with a few scenarios.

You're driving to the airport and BOOM! You're in an accident. You know why? There's no traffic lights. Say thank you to Garrett Morgan for that one.

Okay, you're on the way to the airport again. Driving along and then BAM! Another accident. You just can't get right, can you??? This time you crashed because you didn't signal. Damn, we did it again. Thank Richard Spikes for this one.

Let's just fast forward to the airport because damn. While you're waiting for your plane I hope you don't want to use a laptop, lock your belongings or use the toilet. Oop, that's right. From Mark Dean to W. A. Wright to Thomas Elkins. Blackity black black.

A day doesn't go by without using the inventions of Black Folks. Black History Month? Nah, put some respect on our history and acknowledge us EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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