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Traveling to St. Maarten

Traveling to St. Maarten

Are you used to this new normal for travel? Cause I’m not.

The days of being spontaneous have changed. I can’t wake up and decide to go to Canada tomorrow like I did in the past. Oh, no. You gotta see if the country will let you in, fill out forms, get your nostrils violated, buy this that and the other thing. Whew. Issa lot.

Traveling to St. Maarten was no different. The list of countries Americans can go to is growing slowly, but surely as the world begins to open back up. St. Maarten is on the list.

Next, our lovely COVID tests within 72 hours before the flight. I got tested in the States for free before heading back to the Caribbean. Read “Getting a Covid Test in the States” ( for more information about getting tested in the States.

On top of the Covid test you also have to purchase the mandatory COVID insurance. It’s $30 and once you get it confirmation will be sent to you vu email. You’ll need this once you get to the airport.

Last, but not least, to go to St. Maarten you have to be pre-authorized. This was a form completed online that asked various information about your planned stay, COVID test results and personal information. The form was painless to complete and when you finish the preauthorization is sent to you via email (it’s best to print it out).


This preauthorization is then part of your ticket to the island. At the airport in New York, I had to show my preauthorization form when checking into the flight. The form has your personal information and a barcode attached as well. This let’s the airline know you’ve been tested and pre-approved to travel to the island.


Once arriving at the island you’ll need this form again. At the airport in St. Maarten I had to present the form along with my COVID test results. Most people had the forms printed and got it stamped, but mine was electronic on my phone (just tryna save a tree here). It wasn’t a problem for me, but I’d recommend having it printed just in case. They checked the form, my test results and asked the normal questions. Then my passport was stamped and I was on my way to the bar… I mean resort 🙃

Travel definitely looks different now, but at least we outside. Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your space and meet me outside for some summertime shenanigans 💃🏾 #JoyridingWithJash

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