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Using Facebook Abroad

Don't sleep on The Book

So, we already talked about some places to find teaching positions abroad (if you missed it head to my post from July 1 in the yellow shirt), but I have another gem for y'all. The Book. And by the book I mean Facebook.

Before you roll your eyes hear me out. Facebook can be a great place to meet other expats, find resources, get advice and, yes, find jobs. People are constantly posting job ads for their schools in various expat groups. Don't miss your opportunity.

You can also find teachers looking to help their schools and find their own replacements. This is the real gold mine. You're automatically connected to a native teacher that can put you on game to the pros & cons of the position, location, etc. You bypass working with a recruiter or endlessly scrolling through job ads online. Get right.

I've used Facebook groups to get information about various things abroad, to meet people, get suggestions for travel and a bunch of other things. I'm not the first person living this expat life and there's plenty of people ready and willing to show me the ropes. The key is to find them.

Social media is a fun way to keep in touch with your friends and the current tea, but it can also be a useful tool. So, I’ll say it again. Don’t sleep on The Book!

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