Volunteering in Italy for 3 Months

Volunteering Abroad First

My first experience living and teaching abroad was through a volunteer program. I moved to Turin, Italy to live with an Italian family (who became the highlight of my experience) and teach conversation skills. I paid for the program & my flight to Italy. Yes, you read that right. I came outta pocket to go volunteer & I regret nothing.

I finished undergrad a semester early and decided to go abroad. I'd accepted a job offer in engineering, but I knew that wasn't the move so I took a shot. I knew I enjoyed traveling and working with kids so I found a way to combine the two. Boom. Teaching abroad.

Through the global department at my school I was connected to Academic Programs International. I found a program that fit my dates and what I wanted to do. I wasn’t dead set on going to a specific country or place and the best opportunity was in Turin, Italy. I completed my application, paid the fee and impatiently waited for it to be time to go 😩

Volunteering was definitely the right choice. I learned about classroom management, lesson planning, and countless other tools for teaching without having the weight and pressure of being a full-time teacher. Three months was just enough time to fall in love with teaching abroad and life as an expat.

Getting a paying job teaching abroad is definitely possible, but volunteering first was HIGHLY beneficial for me. My time in Italy changed my life and lead me on my new career path.

Whether you’re looking for a semester abroad, a sabbatical with a purpose, gap year plans or a way to move abroad add volunteer teaching to your list. I highly recommend. 10/10. 5 stars.


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