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Working in a Toxic Environment

Working in a Toxic Environment My year in Korea was hands down one of the best experiences of my life, but it wasn't always good food and new cities. While in Korea I was working in THE most toxic work environment I've ever experienced. I made some long lasting friendships with coworkers and loved my students, but my bosses? That's a different story.

I’ve never had ANYBODY try to break me down like my former bosses. The constant condescension, belittlement, lies and blatant disrespect was almost unbearable. Being micromanaged to the point where I was questioning my every move once I stepped foot in the building. As a teacher, you want to be confident in your abilities, but that's hard to do when you're being shat on on a daily basis by the very people that are supposed to be your mentors. When you're following school policy and not doing anything different than your coworkers at a certain point you start to wonder if there's a different motivation for the unjust treatment... #workingwhileblack

Having a bad work situation is not a new concept, but it hits different when you're abroad. Establishing a community of friends and people to lean on after the bad days is VITAL. Leaving work at work is a major key. I said it once and I'll say it again, don't underestimate that work-life balance. Those 45 hour work weeks (yes, I was working 45hr weeks) were often rough, but I was intentional about doings thing for me when off the clock. Whether that was traveling, linking with friends, treating myself, writing, dancing around my house or simply laying in my bed I made sure to do it. Once I walked out the doors of hell (and vented to my mother) I left all that shit behind.

I survived a Hagwon Horror Story (so common they have a name for it) which is an accomplishment in itself because it doesn't happen often. For reference, in the year I was there I saw almost 10 teachers both foreign and native leave before their year was finished. You do the maths. I refused to be broken and I made it. What's that cliche they be saying? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well, baby, I'm ripped 💪🏾

How do you deal with issues in the workplace? Let's talk about it.

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