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How I Landed in Haiti

How I Landed in Haiti

In two words: genuine connections. Wow, that was deep. Let me explain…

When I first came to Haiti back in 2018 I made countless connections with people I met. So, as I was preparing to leave Italy in 2019 I knew I wasn’t done traveling and living abroad. I was looking for opportunities and positions to continue teaching and working outside of the States. When I presented this idea to one of my friends in Haiti, he immediately connected me to a school in Port-au-Prince. Even though I didn’t end up at that school, two years later that connection turned into the position I have now.

It’s hella cliché to say, but sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. I can search high and low for schools and positions all around the world, but being connected to a school that has been vouched for by someone you know and trust is the ideal situation. Accepting a job sight unseen is always a gamble, but I rather take my chances with a school recommended by a friend.

That’s how I ended up living the dream at an international school in the Caribbean. I can give you all the tips and advice for finding jobs and schools abroad, but nothing compares to genuine connections. There’s no way for me to teach you how to connect with people and culture naturally. Either you have it or you don’t… And I got it.

Being a traveler and not a tourist has allowed me to create a network all around the world. If you didn’t get that reference go read “Tourist vs. Traveler”.

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